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Required documents and preparation for Foreigners

  • Koreans and foreigners who do not hold a certificate of negative PCR(RAT) test result for COVID-19 (including those who hold a non-conforming certificate) shall be restricted from getting on board the aircraft.(Regardless of vaccination status)

    • PCR Test Result : issued within 48 hours prior to the departure date

    • Rapid Antigen Test(RAT) Result : issued within 24 hours prior to the departure date

    • If you are a foreigner who will stay in Korea for a short term, and it is found after your arrival in Korea that your certificate of negative PCR test(or a Rapid Antigen test for professional use) is invalid, you will not be allowed to enter the country.

    • ※ As to the entrants who are exempted from submitting a certificate of negative PCR(RAT) test result, refer to 'PRE-DEPARTURE NEGATIVE COVID-19 TEST RESULT REQUIREMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL ARRIVAL'.

    • Instructions on how to use the pre-entry quarantine information system Q-code Website

    • Complete implementation for travelers arriving at International Airport, with future plans of extending to ports.

    • Q-CODE system users are not required to submit a health status questionnaire or a special quarantine report (verified by the system)

    • ※ Details, including who can use the system and how to use it, are available at

    • The mandatory quarantine for an entrant to Korea is lifted on June 8.

    • There is no mandatory quarantine, regardless of your history of vaccination, a type of visa etc. (only those with confirmed infection will be quarantined).

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